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Why Choose MedFirst Alert?

Our Emergency Medical Alert Systems are used in thousands of homes across America. We have earned the trust of the people we serve and they have gained independence and peace of mind. We offer one of the most advanced medical alarm monitoring systems on the market today and have an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau. We don't use high-pressure sales tactics and we promise to deliver exceptional service. If at the end of each day we have done something to make someone's life better, we are moving in the right direction.

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Our Products

Our home medical Alert Systems are ready to use out of the box. The medical alarm console is less than the size of a shoe box and can be placed anywhere in your house. In the event of an emergency, you can either press the mobile medical alert pendant or the large blue button on the face of the medical alarm systems console. This activates the medical alarm, which will connect you with one of our care specialists. A live 2 way conversation will begin and a paramedic, family member or whomever you desire will be called. Both the pendant and the button are waterproof. It provide help within seconds for those with disabilities and other disabling conditions.

medical alert systems
home medical alert systems
How it Works?

It work by using small transmitters on a pendant or wristband that communicate with a base console. Our medical alert alarm systems use your phone line to dial out in the case of an emergency. A two-way communication is established between the subscriber and our care specialists. Depending on the emergency, our care specialist will call the police, 911, the fire department, a family member, a friend or a neighbor.

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Only $29.95 a month

For less than a dollar a day you can provide yourself, a parent or an elderly friend piece of mind and a more secure lifestyle. All of our medical alert monitoring systems provide a live care specialist 24/7. You decide whether your want to pay monthly, quarterly or annually. Discounts on all of our PERS are available for those wishing to pay quarterly or annually.

MedFirst Alert is family owned and what makes us different than the others is we truly care about what we do. We want to be able to provide you and your family the protection you deserve. Give us an opportunity to serve you by calling 1-800-595-0718 or you may order online through our secure order form.


  • M.Bieber

    Kintersville, PA

    I am 90 and live (and live alone) and fortunately have had no reason to call you but I make sure I have it on when I need to go into the cellar!
    Once or twice you have called – some electrical reason – nothing medically but a comfort to know you are ‘on the job.’
    And yes, I would recommend your service to others. (Though I know you won’t us my name in this reply.)

  • F. Brown

    Houghton, LA

    I feel very safe and independent with it so far. I would recommend MedFirst Alert to anyone. I would tell them how safe I am with it.

  • Hazel Smith

    South Carolina

    Thank you for the use of the MedFirst sytem. I was very active and thought I didn’t need a safety device. At the insistence of my daughter I agreed to wear one.MedFirst was provided.
    Recently I fell and couldn’t get up. I was not afraid because I knew I could get help. I pressed the button and immediately a voice responded. Communication was very clear. Soon I had the help I needed.
    I wear the MedFirst device all the time because I know I can get help when I need it. I would recommend that all senior citizens living alone wear the MedFirst device.


  • Rose W.

    Harlingen, TX

    After I had a stroke, I moved from my home to a condo. My son insisted on MedFirstAlert because I would need it being alone. He ordered it even though I didn’t feel I needed it. How could I think I was safe without it when he lived in Lubbock?
    It gives me peace of mind & no worry about, what if?


  • Ruth C.

    Mt. Prospect, IL

    I live alone, so the MedFirst system makes me feel very safe at home and provides me with the opportunity to continue living alone. My children are also very happy that I have the system; in fact, they were the ones who recommended the system to me.
    I would certainly recommend the service to others. Thank you very much for your service and I am pleased that I have not needed to use the service but am thankful that it is available.


  • Evelyn S.

    Commack, NY

    Fortunately I have not had a chance to use my MedFirst Alert pendant but my family and I feel more secure that I have it since I am 86, use a walker and spend much of the day alone.
    I chose MedFirst Alert because other similar companies would not give me any information about costs or services. They wanted to send a representative (salesman) to the house and called me every day to set up an appointment.
    Several people I know use these other companies and had to sign contracts and pay for someone to come and install the monitor which anyone else can do themselves. One friend needed two pendants for her elderly parents. The other company wanted her to pay for two monitors plus installation.
    I have recommended MedFirst Alert to several people because you do not engage in high pressure salesmanship. My son plugged in the monitor to a phone outlet and we were in business.
    Thank you so much! I couldn’t be more pleased.