7 Safety Tips to Prevent Injuries for Senior Citizens

We finally made it to 2010.  I thought I would begin the New Year by reinforcing some injury prevention techniques that our seniors could use around the house. One of the most important tips is often one of the most overlooked.

Keep emergency numbers in large print near each phone in the house and be sure to place one on the refrigerator.

Keep a phone close to the floor in at least two centrally located rooms in the house. If you fall, the phone will be within reach.  Ideally you would have a medical alarm pendant or wrist band on.

Keep the house uncluttered.  This means nothing laying around on the floor such extension cords, pet toys, etc. Tripping over objects lying around the house is a very common reason for falls among the elderly.

If you have stairs, be sure to keep them well lit and free from any objects.  If you have to, buy the little batter powered lights that have motion detectors built into them.  I bought some the other day at Walgreens.  I paid about $12 for a pack of 3.

Keep a sturdy stool around the house if reaching is for item up high is commonplace.  Ladders are not recommended for obvious reasons.

Be sure to install a grab bar in the shower and above the tub.  Non slip surfaces or mats are ideal for inside the shower and tub.

Finally and maybe most importantly, if you are able to exercise then start a routine and make part of your weekly schedule.  Exercise makes you stronger and improves your coordination and balance.

As always, a home medical alarm located in the house can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency such as a fall or other potential hazard.  We care about the seniors we serve and hope that you will call us if you or a loved one  is in need of our services.

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