911 Budget Cuts Increase Medical Alert System Usage

Many states are facing massive budget cuts due to the length and duration of the current economic recession. Unfortunately, these states and city governments, such as Portland, Oregon may have to cut back their 911 services. This will lead to an increase in private medical alert systems being installed in more homes.

Randy Leonard, City Commissioner said

It will impact public safety.

I mean, 911 operators are funded by the general fund. If you don’t have enough 911 operators, when you call 911 chances are you could be on hold longer than what you otherwise would be.

Since medical alert systems are run and funded through private businesses, they are not affected by municipality budget cuts. The MedFirst Alert medical alert alarm system uses two main pieces of advanced electronic equipment, a quarter sized pendant or wristband and a base unit hooked up to the seniors existing phone line.

In an actual emergency situation, the senior or disabled person would presses the transmitter button on the pendant or wristband. This sends a signal to the base unit which then dials our care specialists. These specialists are trained to send the appropriate help needed.

The aging senior is able to have a two way conversation with our care specialists. In many cases one care specialist will stay on the phone while another is assisting with dialing 911 or other emergency responders. Oftentimes a family member or neighbor is called at the request of the disabled person. These telephone numbers are already programmed into our main database for each subscriber. If the care specialist cannot make contact, he or she will contact emergency dispatchers.

The medical alert system is simple to install. Plug it into the wall and then plug the phone telephone line into a phone jack. Press the wireless button to test the medical alert system, our live care specialist will respond to you via two way voice communication to confirm your system is working properly. The installation takes less than 5 minutes.

Providing safety and independence for senior citizens and those with disabilities is what we do best at MedFirst Alert. Our medical alert systems are state of the equipment designed to protect the individuals who use them.

If you have a parent or loved one who may have to rely on a quick emergency response time, it may be wise to have a medical alert system rather than depending on the traditional 911 services who are undergoing budget cuts across the country.

With MedFirst Alert, our home installation and activation is always free and there’s no annual contract. Call us today at 1-800-595-0718.

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