2014 Medical Alert System Customer Review

We receive testimonials all the time from our happy seniors and older adults using the MedFirst Alert system.  This one comes from Hazel Smith of South Carolina: A medical alert system is not just a piece of electronic equipment that you place in your home. It's a team of dedicated customer care specialists who provide 24/7 service to those in need. If you have never had the opportunity to listen to an actual call from someone who has fallen, ...
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Falls Among Older Adults Infographic

Falls Among Older Adults

This infographic visually shows fall statistics among older adults over age 65. Many people do not realize how significant and prevalent these falls are. They are very costly and can lead to loss of quality of life and even death. Learn how you may be able to prevent many of these falls with a few simple steps. ...
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Do Medical Alert Systems Work With Magic Jack?


One question we often get asked is "Will your system work with my Vonage or Magic Jack phone?" The answer is yes! Our medical alert systems are compatible with with voice over IP systems (VoIP). We are finding that more and more people are dropping their landlines with the telephone companies and going with VoIP services or mobile services. The main reason for this switch is usually cost. The telephone companies have always charged more for a ...
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Does Medicare Cover Dentist visits?

Currently, Medicare does not cover visits to the dentist or dental procedures performed at the dentist's office. Procedures such as, installing dentures, tooth extractions, semi-annual cleanings, fillings, x-rays are not covered at all. Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) will pay for some dental procedures if you are in the hospital. These procedures must be considered an emergency and/or life threatening to be covered under Part A. Dental ...
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Medical Alert Companies Telemarketing Scams

Telemarketing scams have been going on for decades.  These unscrupulous people have but one goal in mind – to take your money! Unfortunately, because the senior population has reached historic levels and will continue to rise over the next two decades, unethical telemarketers and scammers are having a field day.   How to tell if you are being scammed by a Medical Alert Telemarketer?   High pressure sales Scare ...
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Greenville, SC: Aging Seniors Staying at Home with Medical Alert Systems

In today's fast growing senior population, more and more seniors are staying at home with the aid of new technology such as medical alert systems.  Aging seniors are faced with many tough decisions.  Not only for them but for their children.  Maintaining independence and self sufficiency at home are a must these days for seniors wanting to remain at home instead of going to a nursing home.  The cost of assisted living facilities has been on the ...
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New Medical Alert System the Size of A Quarter and Range of 600 Feet

Resue Alert Red

We are excited to introduce our newest and most innovative medical alert system. We are always striving to be the best at what we do and that's providing our customers with the best products available and delivering them with outstanding customer service. Commonly asked Questions: What is the range?  The range is up to 600 feet. How long will the battery last?  Battery life is approximately 3-5 years.  Does the unit talk to you?  ...
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Administer new CPR method after Medical Alert Button is Pressed

We all know that medical emergencies frequently occur at home, especially in seniors over the age of 65. Medical alert devices are lifesavers but what happens from the time a senior presses the medical alert button and help arrives?  Usually paramedics respond within minutes but it's these minutes that can be crucial for survival.  The video below will show you the new recommended Continuous Chest Compression CPR technique developed at the ...
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Will Medicaid Pay for Medical Alert?


Will Medicaid pay for my medical alert system?   In many States, Medicaid will pay for a medical alert system but you must have a Medicaid Waiver. You must qualify for institutional care in order to be eligible for home based services such as a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) services.   If you are deemed at high risk for hospitalization due to a medical need, you may qualify for a medical alert system medicaid ...
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Medical Alert System Testimonials

We love hearing from our satisfied medical alert customers.  It's what keeps us focused on the truly important service we provide to seniors and those with disabilities. Darla Jan Robinson McMinn says: Great assistance, straight facts, no gimmicks... : ) Affordable and No Contracts At MedFirst Alert we strive for excellence in customer service. You can find us on facebook and Twitter. Give us a shout out or ask us a question.  Most of our ...
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