Medical Alert Companies Telemarketing Scams

Telemarketing scams have been going on for decades.  These unscrupulous people have but one goal in mind – to take your money! Unfortunately, because the senior population has reached historic levels and will continue to rise over the next two decades, unethical telemarketers and scammers are having a field day.   How to tell if you are being scammed by a Medical Alert Telemarketer?   High pressure sales Scare ...
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Senior Life Saver Project and MedFirst Alert In The News

senior life saver kit by medfirst alert

Recently, Newsday had an article about MedFirst Alert and our Senior Life Saver Project. The article was featured on Saturday,  September 4th. The Senior Life saver kit is a medical information kit for seniors to keep in their home in the event of an emergency.  Typically the kit is mounted to the refrigerator and a decal is placed on the front door or window giving instructions as to the location of the medical information for paramedics to ...
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MedFirst Alert Joins Upstate Senior Network of Spartanburg

Upstate Senior Network Logo.jpg

MedFirst Alert is pleased to announce our new affiliation with the Upstate Senior Network of Spartanburg, SC. The Upstate Senior Network is a coalition of senior service industry professionals dedicated to making a difference in the lives of seniors and MedFirst Alert is proud to be an affiliate member. The common theme MedFirst Alert shares with the Upstate Senior Network is our dedication to the seniors we serve.  We don't just provide ...
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Does Medicaid Pay for Medical Alert Systems?

Well, in some states the answer is yes and in other states the answer is no.  You need to check with your local states Medicaid policy. Just recently a Florida Court Ruled in favor of  Medical Alerts being Covered by  the Medicaid Waiver Program -January 28, 2010 An appellate court in Florida has reaffirmed that a medical alert system must be paid for by the state Agency for Persons with Disabilities in a case of a forty-two year-old woman ...
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911 Budget Cuts Increase Medical Alert System Usage

Many states are facing massive budget cuts due to the length and duration of the current economic recession. Unfortunately, these states and city governments, such as Portland, Oregon may have to cut back their 911 services. This will lead to an increase in private medical alert systems being installed in more homes. Randy Leonard, City Commissioner said It will impact public safety. I mean, 911 operators are funded by the general fund. If ...
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The EPA and Senior Home Safety


Reducing the Risks Don't wait for your aging parent to have a major medical emergency in their home due to a lack of awareness. The EPA website ( has tons of useful information on possible hazards in a home, and you should at least check the following conditions as part of your routine home inspection. Radon Gas - To find a radon service professional, visit Asbestos - Asbestos may not be ...
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MedFirst Alert Medical Alarm Dealer Press Release

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10 Tell Tale Signs of Senior Aging

Look in refrigerator, freezer and drawers.  Has food spoiled because mom can’t get to the grocery store?  Does she have difficulty cleaning tight, cluttered places? Look over the grocery list.  Has your loved one’s declining health prompted her to purchase more convenience and junk foods, and neglect proper nutrition?  Is she losing weight? Look on top of furniture and countertops.  Are dust and dirt signs that household tasks are becoming ...
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Come Follow Us On Twitter

Senior Twitter

MedFirst Alert is now on Twitter! Come follow us and get our most recent tweets. For those of you that don't know what Twitter is it's a great way to keep up with the people and businesses that are important in your life. Come Tweet with us now. ...
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