Do Medical Alert Systems Work With Magic Jack?


One question we often get asked is "Will your system work with my Vonage or Magic Jack phone?" The answer is yes! Our medical alert systems are compatible with with voice over IP systems (VoIP). We are finding that more and more people are dropping their landlines with the telephone companies and going with VoIP services or mobile services. The main reason for this switch is usually cost. The telephone companies have always charged more for a ...
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Greenville, SC: Aging Seniors Staying at Home with Medical Alert Systems

In today's fast growing senior population, more and more seniors are staying at home with the aid of new technology such as medical alert systems.  Aging seniors are faced with many tough decisions.  Not only for them but for their children.  Maintaining independence and self sufficiency at home are a must these days for seniors wanting to remain at home instead of going to a nursing home.  The cost of assisted living facilities has been on the ...
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New Medical Alert System the Size of A Quarter and Range of 600 Feet

Resue Alert Red

We are excited to introduce our newest and most innovative medical alert system. We are always striving to be the best at what we do and that's providing our customers with the best products available and delivering them with outstanding customer service. Commonly asked Questions: What is the range?  The range is up to 600 feet. How long will the battery last?  Battery life is approximately 3-5 years.  Does the unit talk to you?  ...
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How to Choose A Medical Alert System

Choosing a medical alert system can be a daunting task. That's why you need to do your homework before making a decision on which medical alert company will earn your business. Who will be monitoring your medical alert system? Having a quality monitoring center is the key to having quality personal medical alert systems. Many of the larger medical alert companies will tell you that it's important to have your own in-house monitoring center ...
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Do MedFirst Alert Medical Alert Systems Work with Voice Over IP (VoIP)?

One of the questions we are asked frequently - Will your equipment work using services like Vonage, MagicJack, or SIP based with an ATA (analog trunk adapter)?  Is the unit a network Ethernet/WiFi?  Or, are all your units connected via analog RJ-11 type connections? We do offer medical alert products that are 100% compatible with VoIP communication services and devices.  Our product is already working with many customers using Majic Jack, ...
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Instant Care Medical Alert System Sends Alert As Text for Elderly Parent

Instant Care Pendant

Question: I'm looking for a medical alert system for my 91 year-old mom that will do the following: Upon activating the panic button, an alert will be sent to my cell phone when I'm available. When I'm not available, the response center will handle it. The reason I need this, is that I live with mom and am often in another part of the house and cannot hear her calling to me. And in most of those situations, the need is not ...
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MedFirst Alert Now Offering MediPendant Medical Alert System

MediPendant Medical Alert System

MedFirst Alert is pleased to add a new addition to our medical alert systems.  The MediPendant is the first monitored medical alarm / alert system on the market today that allows the user to speak and listen to the operator DIRECTLY through the pendant! Range is estimated to be up to 600 feet and voice quality is excellent.  Before we allow any product to be used we thoroughly test all of our equipment.  We offer several different types of ...
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Medical Alert Systems

As of today, there are a lot of medical alarm products coming into the market from places like China which have Bluetooth that is used to link with a GPS cellular phone. This way, the senior is required to carry a cell phone most of the time and makes sure that the bluetooth connection is always activated and that the phone should be successfully paired with the device. On the surface of it, this may sound like a new technological advancement but ...
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Greenville SC Medical Alert Systems

Senior Professional Interactive Network

MedFirst Alert LLC provides medical alert systems for the upstate of SC including the Greenville / Spartanburg areas.  With it's monitoring station located in Greenville, SC and it's sales and service division in Greer, SC. MedFirst Alert has recently become a member of two senior organizations located in the Greenville / Spartanburg area.  SPIN is the Senior Professional Industry Network which provides an interactive environment allowing ...
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Keeping Medical Alarms Simple For Seniors


You've probably heard of KISS, no it's not a rock group from the 70's.  It's an acronym that stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.  This tried and true concept holds true for not only our professional and business lives but also for seniors and those who care for seniors when purchasing a medical alarm system. Let me explain.  The more complicated the medical alarm system is the less likely it's going to be put into use by a caregiver or senior ...
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