Components of a Medical Alert System

The Console.
The console or base unit is the heart of the medical alert system. Pushing the emergency button on the console or activating a transmitter causes the console’s digital communicator to send the alarm signal to the central monitoring station via the standard telephone network. Generally the console is place in a central location within the home.

The console allows 2 way voice communication to take place between the user and the care specialist at our 24 hour monitoring station. Using a high tech, ultra sensitive microphone, the console “hears” your calls for help.  The care specialist is actually communicating with the user through this 2 way voice communication and will call the appropriate medical personel, family,friends or primary physician.

Wristband Tranmitter.
The wristband is a battery powered, miniature, water-resistant, transmitter designed for use in emergency situations. Pressing the button on the transmitter sends a digital coded wireless signal to the console.  Each transmitter is factory set to a unique code, so no field coding is required.  Once activated, the two way voice communication begins.  It is recommended that the user test the transmitter in each room of the house and outside the house to assess the range of the medical alert system.

Pendant Transmitter.
Pendant style water-resistant transmitter designed for use in emergency situations, includes breakaway nylon necklace and a visual activation indicator.

Monitoring Station.
Our monitoring station is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and features fully redundant servers, signal processors, phone switch, generators, incoming and outgoing telephone lines provided by multiple carriers.  What this means to our subscribers is that we have taken every precaution in assuring that our monitoring station remains operational in the event of an emergency. UL Certified with a response time of less than 30 seconds.

A MedFirst Alert system is an essential tool for anyone with the desire to live independently and securely regardless of their age or medical past. With MedFirst Alert there are no installation or activation fees and no annual contract is required.  Call us today or order online.  1-800-595-0718

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