Do Medical Alert Systems Work With Magic Jack?

VOIPOne question we often get asked is “Will your system work with my Vonage or Magic Jack phone?” The answer is yes! Our medical alert systems are compatible with with voice over IP systems (VoIP). We are finding that more and more people are dropping their landlines with the telephone companies and going with VoIP services or mobile services. The main reason for this switch is usually cost. The telephone companies have always charged more for a physical landline to be run to your home.

There are some risks associated with a VoIP service provider and using a medical alert system with it. If your internet connection is down, your MedFirst Alert console will not be able to communicate with our care specialists. It’s the same as your phone line being down. So, you will have to determine how reliable your cable company or internet service provider is. No company will be able to guarantee that there services will be online or operable 100% of the time.

How It Works:

A medical alert systems basically has two parts. A base console and a remote pendant. The base console connects to a power supply and a phone line. The pendant is  worn on your wrist or around your neck. When the button on the pendant is pressed, a remote signal is sent to the base console. The base console then connects to your phone line and dials one of our dispatch centers across the country. You will be immediately connected to one of our care specialists. They will assess the emergency situation and dispatch the appropriate responders such as the police, paramedics, friends or neighbor.

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