Does Medicaid Pay for Medical Alert Systems?

Well, in some states the answer is yes and in other states the answer is no.  You need to check with your local states Medicaid policy.

Just recently a Florida Court Ruled in favor of  Medical Alerts being Covered by  the Medicaid Waiver Program -January 28, 2010

An appellate court in Florida has reaffirmed that a medical alert system must be paid for by the state Agency for Persons with Disabilities in a case of a forty-two year-old woman with spastic cerebral palsy and associated quadriplegia.

Florida Medicaid guidelines:
A personal emergency response system is limited to those recipient’s [sic] who live alone, or who are alone for significant parts of the day, and have no regular caregiver for extended periods of time, and otherwise require extensive routine supervision.

The woman who brought the case had been denied reimbursement, on the basis that she had several caretakers who could be with her approximately 18 hours per day.

I believe that in the near future more state medicaid programs will be supportive of medical alert devices because of the minimal costs as compared to having full round the clock care.  Medical alert systems can be a huge help in alleviating some of the eldercare expenses and also relieve the financial burden of paying for 24/7 care.  While a medical alert system alone may not be appropriate in every situation, it does work extremely well in the right situation.

With the rapidly rising costs in assisted living facilities and eldercare providers, seniors need to take a serious look at having a medical alert system installed in their home.  They provide independence and peace of mind for seniors or persons with disabilities.  Caregivers also find medical alert systems very useful because they are able to feel a sense of relief knowing that their parent or loved one will be safe and secure by having a trusted medical alert provider like MedFirst Alert.


  1. medical alarms says:

    Yes, medical aid should provide service of medical alert system for the senior citizens. Some of the poor senior citizens cannot afford the cost of medical alert system . Medicaid should contribute in this.

  2. I want to know if I qualify for life line alert? I am 53 year old and on Medicaid while waiting for Social Security Disability. My state of Ohio says I have to have a Ohio Home Health Waiver, which I was told you would have to be nursing home bound, which I am not. But I have fallen 4 times in the past 1/2 years. I worry because I now live in a two story apartment. I almost fell a couple times on the stairs. I live alone and only have 12 hours a week of in home health care with a non-profit agency now.
    Thanks so much for any help/info you can give me. Tim, 🙂

  3. Tim,

    The Waiver’s differ from state to state. I’m not sure of the specific requirements for Ohio. Sometimes the process to qualify can be rather time consuming in order to get the waiver. I wish I had an better answer for you. I can offer you a discounted rate with MedFirst Alert if that helps any. Just send me an email if I can help john (at)




  5. Darlene,

    If you would like to get two of the units, I can give you a discounted price of $23.95 a month. Just let me know what your email address is so I can put it together for you. Thanks, John

  6. my name is eileen and i need life alert i am disable i have a bad heart i had 4 heart attacts i am a diabets i have heart failure.

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