Emergency Preparedness for the Elderly

Not all elderly patients have the luxury of family nearby. Some of them have discovered themselves to be particularly vulnerable during times when the ability to move quickly is needed. If you have an elderly family member or loved one you need to discuss the importance of a disaster plan. It doesn’t matter if you live a few minutes, a few hours, or half a world away.


Not only do you need an escape route for your elderly parent in case of a fire but also a plan for what comes next. Your parent needs to quickly get in touch with you, emergency services, and then a plan to put into place to deal with insurance and any other paperwork that goes along with the aftermath of a fire. The first, and most important thing you need to do is go over a quick escape route from each and every room in the house. Make sure that all exits are frequently checked for repair (windows open and hallways or doorways remain uncluttered) and are valid escape routes.


While no one wants to think of this happening it’s a definite possibility no matter how safe the neighborhood your parent lives in may be. Alarm systems can be a great deterrent for those who would break in. It is important that your parent knows how to use the alarm, uses the alarm, and has a plan in place for what to do if a break in occurs while your parent is in the home.

Natural Disasters

These are sometimes disasters that are difficult to prepare for. Some of them offer little warning while others provide a little more notice. Whether your parent is going to potentially be the victim of flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, brush fires, or earthquakes have a plan in place to escape to safety and notify you that all is well or is not well as the case may be. Knowing what to do and what to expect will not only help everyone have peace of mind in the event of an emergency but will also give your parent a sense of purpose during this time when others are helplessly trying to figure out what to do.


A medical alert device can be a life saver in a health crisis. Seconds matter sometimes and getting a voice on the line that will help your parent do what needs to be done in the first seconds of a heart attack or stroke to prevent further damage or minimize the impact of these things is well worth any price you’ll pay for the service.

Having a plan for disasters seems like such a small thing but the impact goes much further than just knowing what to do. A sense of purpose in moments of chaos can be a driving force and save lives by keeping a calm head.

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