Greenville, SC: Aging Seniors Staying at Home with Medical Alert Systems

In today’s fast growing senior population, more and more seniors are staying at home with the aid of new technology such as medical alert systems.  Aging seniors are faced with many tough decisions.  Not only for them but for their children.  Maintaining independence and self sufficiency at home are a must these days for seniors wanting to remain at home instead of going to a nursing home.  The cost of assisted living facilities has been on the incline for many years now.  Partly due to inflation and partly due to the increasing demand of seniors.  One way that some seniors have been able to maintain their independence is by having a medical alert system which is monitored 24 hours a day.  While these systems are not meant to replace round the clock care, they do provide some seniors with peace of mind and a sense of security if something were to happen. Expect to see even more seniors opting to remain in their homes and using technological advancements in medical home monitoring as the rising costs of assisted living make it increasingly difficult for seniors to afford their services.

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