How Big Is The Problem With Senior Falling?

More than 1/3 of adults age 65 and older fall each year according to the CDC and did you know that they are also the most common hospital admission?  Nearly 2 million people age 65 and older were treated at hospitals from falls.  For some reason, the rate of fall related deaths among older adults rose significantly over the past decade and we don’t really know why.

I would venture to say that falls among seniors is a very serious and ongoing problem that needs more attention from us as a society.

One way to shorten the response time for medical personnel to reach the home of senior fall victims is of course to have a working medical alert system or Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) at home.  Studies have shown that if help arrives quicker, seniors spend less time in the hospital and more time in their homes to recuperate and heal.

Falling at home is a really serious problem and once it happens some seniors develop a fear of falling which makes them more likely to fall in the future.

How can Seniors prevent falls?  Checkout our senior safety tips.  You can also get a brochure ( from the CDC.

Remember, having a medical alert system gives you access to 24 hour help in the event of any kind of emergency not just a fall.  These alert systems can also notify police in the event of a break in or call a family member.


  1. Great article! Medicare is getting involved.

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