How It Works

The MedFirst Alert home system is easy to use and operate. The system operates using two primary components, a small wireless, waterproof pendant and a base console connected to the users phone line.

In the event of an emergency, (an intruder, a medical condition, a fall) the user simply presses the activation button on the console or the wireless pendant. This activates the console to immediately phone the Emergency Response Center.

Within seconds, a two-way, hands free conversation is established between the user and the emergency operator via the highly sensitive two-way speakerphone. The emergency operator has the users pre-programmed information, including medical history, prescribed medications, user location, preferred hospital and information on who else should be contacted (family, neighbors, doctors). If the operator is unable to make voice contact, the operator will contact emergency personnel.

How It Works


tn_man pressing medfirst alert

Push Your Alarm Button

  • Waterproof button
  • FREE pendant and/or wrist band
  • Instantly activates alarm console

tn_MedFirst Console5

Alarm Connects to Care Specialist

  • Speaker phone lets you talk even if you’ve fallen & are unable to get up
  • Console picks up button signal for up to 150 feet
  • Battery works for up to 32 hours in the event of a power failure

tn_MedFirst Alert Care Specialist

Immediate Assistance by A UL Listed Monitoring Center

  • Monitoring Center is open 24 hours per day/365 days a year
  • Specially trained Care Specialists


Help Arrives at Your Doorstep

  • Specialist will contact family members, friends and neighbors
  • When needed, emergency services will be contacted

Product Requirements

The MedFirst Alert home system is easy to install. Simply plug it into the wall and then plug the telephone cord into a phone jack. Press the wireless button to test your medical system, our live care specialist will respond to you on the console to confirm you system is functioning properly. The installation takes less than 5 minutes.

Your MedFirst Alert home system requires no routine servicing. The console has a self-diagnostic feature, which alerts the monitoring center if there is a problem. If your system requires service, we will overnight a new MedFirst Alert home system to you immediately.

With MedFirst Alert, our home system installation and activation is always FREE and there’s no annual contract. Perfect for you or your caregiver.

Call MedFirst Alert today: 1-800-595-0718