Instant Care Medical Alert System Sends Alert As Text for Elderly Parent

Question: I’m looking for a medical alert system for my 91 year-old mom that will do the following:

Upon activating the panic button, an alert will be sent to my cell phone when I’m available. When I’m not available, the response center will handle it.

The reason I need this, is that I live with mom and am often in another part of the house and cannot hear her calling to me. And in most of those situations, the need is not critical.



Answer: There currently isn’t a system designed to know when someone is home. However what we can do is either of the following:

Using the InstantCare (PERS + nurse line) device.

Program the nurse line button on the pendant to call his cell phone. When she presses the nurse button it will dial him instead of us. He can answer the call and talk with her just like a standard speaker phone.

If he does not answer or if she needs immediate assistance she can press the RED emergency button. That will call us. We can then call him first, followed by another friend, neighbor, etc. or the usual EMS call.

If he presses either the nurse line button or the emergency button we can still text and/or email him.


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