Keeping Medical Alarms Simple For Seniors

You’ve probably heard of KISS, no it’s not a rock group from the 70’s.  It’s an acronym that stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.  This tried and true concept holds true for not only our professional and business lives but also for seniors and those who care for seniors when purchasing a medical alarm system. Let me explain.  The more complicated the medical alarm system is the less likely it’s going to be put into use by a caregiver or senior citizen.

There are several new medical alarm products coming into the market place from China which have bluetooth compatibility to link with your GPS enabled cell phone.  This would require the senior to have a cell phone and to make sure that the bluetooth connection was activated and the phone successfully paired with the device.  On the surface this might sound like a new technological improvement but remembering the KISS principle here is key.  How simple is it going to be for someone to program and maintain the functionality of a product like this?  What happens if the cell phone’s pairing with the bluetooth device becomes interrupted or the bluetooth is turned off accidentally from the phone.  Cutting edge technology is great for some industries but not in where medical alarm systems are concerned.  This is not to say that medical alarm systems have not improved in quality over the years, they have! But as with anything else technology needs time to be tested and seasoned when it comes to a senior to put their life on the line.

A medical alarm system needs to be simple to be effective.  It needs to be easy to install and simple to use. The MedFirst Alert system is just that.  The technology used in our medical alarm systems has saved 1,000’s of lives and it’s simple to use.  You simply plug it into a wall outlet and an available phone jack.  Place the medical alert pendant around your neck or wear the wristband like a watch.  That’s it! Nothing else to remember and nothing to program.  If an emergency situation arises, you simply press the alarm button on your pendant to summon help.  Our Care Specialist at the central station will call 911, your physician, or even family members in the event of an emergency.  By keeping it simple you can help ensure the safety of a loved one or even yourself.

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