Medical Alert Systems

MedFirst Alert PERSOur medical alert systems consist of 2 parts. The compact base unit which is usually located in a central part of the home and is placed on a table or nightstand. The base unit communicates with a small transmitter that can either be worn on the wrist or around the neck as a pendant. When the alert button is pushed on a transmitter a signal is sent to the base unit. The base unit then calls our monitoring station through either a dedicated land line or through Voice over IP.(VoIP) carriers. Our system is compatible with most VoIP carriers such as Magic Jack, Vonage, and AT&T. A two way voice communication is established between the top rated emergency medical alert systems user and our certified care specialist. In the event that the user becomes unconscious after falling, medical personnel are immediately dispatched. Depending on the personal preferences setup in advance, a family member or neighbor may also be called.


How It WorksAs you can see in the graphic image above, medical alarm alert systems are rather simple devices. They are designed this way on purpose. The user only needs to know how to press a button and our certified care specialists are there as long as they are needed. Oftentimes they stay on the phone with the user until help arrives.  This serves two functions. The first is to reassure the person that help is on the way. The second is to gather information such as condition, location or anything relevant to the situation that a paramedic, fire fighter or neighbor may need to know.

Actual medical alert conversation between user and care specialist