Medicare, Medicaid and Medical Alert Systems

One of the questions we get all the time is: Does Medicare/Medicaid pay for my medical alert system?  The answer is generally no. For the most part, medical alert systems or personal emergency response systems are not covered by Medicare. Sometimes, charitable organizations like churches and non-profits will have senior adult ministries established that may provide some of the costs for medical alert systems.  You may also check to see if your state has an Office on Aging and provides Medicaid Waivers for medical alert systems.  Sometimes certain localities may provide medicare waivers for PERS  but don’t count on it these days with all of the government agencies having to cut and scale back on expenses.

Give us a call at MedFirst Alert if you would like to discuss different pricing options.  We accept monthly payments as well as those wishing discounts for annual payments.  Our care specialists will be happy to answer all of your questions about affordable pricing and how our medical alert alarm systems work.



  1. medical alarm systems says:

    Medical alarm systems are coming in many forms. However, they are not cheap. These systems are very beneficial for senior citizens. But, Senior citizens are facing the problem of cost to get the good alarm system. Suggest me the best and cheap  alarm system in the form of necklace for my grandmother.

  2. Medical Alert says:

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  3. I think that an emergency medical alert device should be handed out to everyone as soon as they turn 65. It scares me to think if my grandma were to fall or get hurt and nobody knew about it and wasn’t able to help her out.

  4. Yes every one that has medicare should alert system.but maybe $10or$15 month. They are from 29.00/39.00 month service. I feel the system is taking advantage of poor person,or elder person. Sure wish they would change with affordable health care act law.

  5. Kathy, it would certainly be nice if everyone who needed a medical alert system could get one free but unfortunately someone has to pay for them or the businesses would not be able to make a profit and stay in business.Check with your state to see if they offer a medicare waiver. This would provide either a reduced fee or may be paid for completely through the state.

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