Personal Emergency Response Systems for Seniors

PERS or Personal emergency response systems are safety devices that are used for homes to connect a senior or an elderly person to a 24-hour monitoring station by depressing a small transmitter. This transmitter is usually worn around the neck as pendant or as wristband. When the button is pressed, it sends a signal to the receiver that is connected to the senior’s telephone land-line or voice over IP connection(VoIP). When a senior activates the wristband or pendant, our care specialist that receives the call will immediately evaluate the situation; here, the staff will make an assessment whether to call 911,police,paramedic, family member or even a close neighbor. PERS are mostly set up in a way to give the elderly the opportunity to talk to a call center representative from anywhere inside the house.

PERS is best for parent, an elderly, or a senior who is having a heart attack, slip, or fall somewhere in the house or even in the yard.

What are the things included in a Personal Emergency Response System?

The equipment will include a base unit that is plugged into a typical telephone jack(VoIP option); it also comes with a small transmitter that is usually used as a neck-pendant or a wristband. When the user pushes the button anywhere in the house, it will signal the base unit to connect to one of MedFirst Alert’s monitoring stations.

Like any other systems, the base unit establishes  a communication medium between the home and the monitoring station. It’s like having a two way walkie talkie at your fingertips with a care specialist on the other end 24/7. If in case your mother falls or slips in the kitchen and presses her neck-pendant she can have a simultaneous conversation with the care specialist who received her call; conversations are audible even when the console is in a different room. The range between the transmitter(pendant) and the base unit will depend on walls and other obstructions. Typically 600 feet inside the home and up to 1,000 feet outside of the home with no obstructions have been observed.

PERS plays a very vital role in the lives of our parents, the seniors, and the elderly. They literally serve as the bridge so that the person in the emergency situation can cross the road between life and an untimely death.

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