Senior Population Explodes in California, Florida and Texas | Medical Alert Systems

Three states — Florida, California and Texas — would account for nearly 46% of total U.S. population growth between 2000 and 2030, according to the projections released by the Census Bureau.

13% of the total population, 37.9 million people, was 65 and older in 2007. The number of people 85 and older reached 5.5 million, or 2% of the population.

States with the highest percentages of older people (65 and older) included Florida (17%), West Virginia (15.5%) and Pennsylvania (15.2%). States with the lowest percentages were Alaska (7%), Utah (8.8%) and Georgia (9.9%).

Beginning in 2011, the population 65 and older will grow faster than the total population in every single state.

Caring for our seniors is going to be a huge undertaking over the next 20 years.  Eldercare, Assisted living, nursing homes, medicare, medicaid, medical alert systems will become commonplace topics of conversation among seniors and those who care for them.

Will the new health care system recently passed be able to handle the medical needs of our senior population?
Will medicare and medicaid benefits be cut?
Will doctors begin turning down medicaid patients?

There are certainly many unknown variables on how this is going to play out. One thing is for sure, there are millions of seniors over the age of 65 who cannot afford large increases in health care coverage, expensive assisted living facilities, round the clock eldercare.  Having a home medical alert system is still a very affordable option for many seniors and one that may allow them to remain in there home for a few more years. For seniors, maintaining their independence and peace of mind is something most just do not want to have to give up.

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