Seniors | Loss of Income and Elder Care

I was sitting in the office when a call came in for a medical alert unit.  Debbie, an elder care provider was very concerned about one of the seniors she cared for.  She explained the situation to me.

Mrs. Smith (named changed) is 59 years old and suffered a massive stroke 6 months ago.  The only income she had coming in was $2,400 a month from her deceased husbands social security.  She could not take social security herself because she would lose her husbands benefits.

The Dilemma

Mrs. Smith is currently paying $1685/month for 24 hour round the clock care because the stroke left her paralyzed on the left side of her body.  Her money will run out in 11 months.  She owns her house free and clear but does not want to sell it.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Smith, her options are limited.  She is ineligible for Medicare and Medicaid because of her current income and will not be able to sustain her current way of life.

The Solution

With the help of our medical alert system we will be able to reduce the amount of hours each day she will need for elder care.  This will save her close to $1,000 each month.  While this may not work for everyone because of their individual medical conditions it is an alternative for some.

As always, anyone considering a  MedFirst Alert medical alert system should consult with their physician first.  It is not a substitute for medical care but for the right set of circumstances a medical alert can prevent someone from spending a small fortune.

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