Shocking Video and Statistics on Elderly Falls

The CDC has found that 30% of seniors age 65+ who fall and break their hip will die within a year.  This video shows  an elderly lady who has fallen many times within her own home and what steps she has taken to prevent future falls.  Great information for all seniors out there.  I have also put together a safety checklist you may download HERE.

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Please help MedFirst Alert create public awareness about senior fall prevention. You’ll find a wealth of information over at the CDC’s website.


  1. Eduardo Garcia says:

    When my mom fell in the bathroom and broke her hip, was devastating,
    but it was never the same person. I allways regret not having installed grab bars and prevent a fall. After this, my in law were the beneficiaries,
    they have grab bars in the bathroom, hand rail in the hallways between
    rooms , on univen floors, hand rail when they go to the pool have to grip
    as they walk, motion sensor ligths in dark rooms, in places where the floor is slippery, antislip tape is applied. Years later, when the level of sales of my business decreased by economic crisis, I gave the task of finding a new source of income, research fall in ederly and how to prevent
    these falls and avoiding loss of independence. Unfortunately South Florida does not have an effective program for the large population of elderly living in this county. This country spends $30 billion per year in health care related to falls in the elderly and this is a lot of money. The South Florida spent for this cause I have not found statistical reports, but
    we do know is that inhabit nearly 1 million elderly and there reports that suffer injuries from falls , 33% of them, if we extrapolate the data, is still
    much money. But these elderly have no money, 20% of them live below
    poverty level and no found any investor to participate to create a business, no money to earn, no motivation

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