South Carolina Seniors ElderCare and Medical Alert Systems

South Carolina has experienced a significant growth of seniors or mature adults over the last
few decades. The baby boom has begun to have a dramatic impact and will continue to affect
the nation and South Carolina’s communities and institutions over the next twenty years. The
state’s population has grown from 286,272 persons aged 60 and over since 1970 to 651,482 in
the year 2,000, a 128% increase in thirty years. The population 60 years and over is projected
to increase to 1,450,487 by the year 2030, a 123% increase from 2000

South Carolina Senior Population Growth

Seniors in South Carolina have increased 128% over the past 30 years and are expected to increase another 123% by the year 2030.  This means that by the year 2030 we will have around 1,450,487 seniors.  According to the Census Bureau South Carolina’s population in 2007 is:

Statewide Total: 4,407,709
Statewide 65 years and older: 573,098 or 13.0% of population
Statewide 85 years old and older: 72,499 or 1.6% of the population

South Carolina has serious issues that must be addressed as the population ages.  Long term care will be one of those issues. It’s expensive these days for seniors to either go into a nursing home or an assisted living facility and many seniors just can’t afford it.

Several services have become available to seniors such as in home eldercare companies and medical alert systems to allow seniors to stay at home where they would rather be for an extended period of time.  Basic needs such as grocery shopping, household chores, medical prescription reminders and companionship are typically provided by eldercare providers.  Having a medical alert system in the home when a care provider is not available will provide peace of mind and security for both the senior and the care provider.

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