The Causes of Foamy Urine

The usual response to different colored urine tends to be panic. Foamy urine is not really that unusual and can be a consequence of a number of factors and problems.

Foamy urine may be a response to a number of simple points. Urination by force can make bubbles in your urine by giving the urine a foamy appearance.

If your urine is regularly foamy, regardless of whether you use force or not, may mean that you are releasing a large amount of protein or have a serious kidney problem that needs to be looked at as soon as possible.

Reasons for Non-Harmful Foamy Urine

Cause #1: Toilet Cleaner

A number of chemical substances in toilet cleaners can result in foamy urine. To find out, urinate in a clean container. If your urine is not foamy then, then it is simply due to the chemicals in the toilet.

Cause #2: Rapid Urination

If you force out your urine then you will definitely see bubbles and foam in your urine.

When your bladder is filled with urine and stretched to its limit, your bladder will contract powerfully causing the urine to make foam when it hits the water.

Cause #3: Concentrated Urine

Dehydration, even if it is only mild, can cause your urine to show up much darker and concentrated. This usually leads to foamy urine. All you need to do it to make sure you drink a lot of water and rehydrate to fix your foamy urine problem.

Your urine will become paler as you drink more water until it eventually becomes clear. If your urine is still foamy after this, then there may be another problem behind it.

Causes of Unusual Foamy Urine

Problem #1: Urinary Tract Infection

As germs and viruses get into your bladder and develop symptoms like frequent urination, foamy urine, bloody urine, and uncontrollable urine may occur.

Problem #2: Kidney Damage

Your kidneys are important for your body in that they filter out the blood and create urine as a result of the filtering process.

If you notice any blood in your urine, discolored urine, or foamy urine then you should get it checked out by a doctor as soon as possible as this may be a sign of a serious medical condition.

Problem #3: Proteinuria

This health problem occurs when an excessive amount of protein is released from your body through your urine. Proteinuria is sure to cause foamy urine.

A bit of protein is usually found within the urine, however large levels of protein in the urine is unusual and called proteinuria. This can take place after very extreme exercise, too much dietary intake, or kidney damage.

Problem #4: Vesicocolic Fistula

This medical condition develops whenever there is a problem between your colon and bladder that lets bacteria, gas, and air travel get into your bladder.

Foamy urine and infections are sure signs of this condition and may be confused with urinary tract infection which is why it is important to get looked at by a doctor to find out exactly what you have.

Seek Medical Attention

You should not try to determine the cause of your foamy urine yourself. Seek professional medical advice from your doctor as soon as possible to find out what the cause it so you can treat it

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