Why Medical Alert Systems Are Better Than Cell Phones

Make sure you stay connected to help in your home

Imagine a medical alert device you wear everyday. When you need to make an emergency call, it works, and immediately connects you to a highly trained care specialist.

The device you’re imagining is a MedFirst Alert Personal Help Button supported by our Medical Alert Service. If you choose MedFirst Alert , in the event of a fall, you now have 24 hour emergency help available at your fingertips. Is your cell phone able to do that? Cell phones are very convenient, but they can’t give you the 24 hour emergency protection you need.

With a MedFirst Alert personal medical alert button, built for a specific purpose, and unmatched reliability, you can expect  24 hour round the clock emergency help when you need it the most. No worrying about dialing a cell phone or remembering a phone number. The Medfirst Alert System is always with you.  Around your neck, on your wrist or clipped to your belt, the choice is yours.

Here are just a few advantages of the MedFirst Alert system over a cell phone:

  • 24 hour monitored medical alert
  • Waterproof for use in a slippery shower or tub
  • Always accessible in an emergency
  • Convenience
  • Automatic redialing, just in case
  • Large, one button access to help
  • No “downtime” for charging like a cell phone has
  • Backup battery in case the power goes out in your home
  • Prompt connection to a Care Specialist
  • Assessment by Care Specialist using your personal medical profile and instructions
  • Never out of reach

While cell phones are great for keeping in touch and talking to family, there is just no substitute for a medical alert system in and around the home for seniors and those with disabilities.

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